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Get Fire-Rated, Secure Steel Doors in Northern Ontario

Ecolife Home Improvement is happy to offer a wide range of energy-efficient doors for your home. Whether you’re looking for a new door at the face of your house or you need a new patio door, we have energy saving options that will meet your needs. Steel doors are a great option as a front door as they are durable, easy to install and secure. They are some of the strongest doors in the industry, and often have very high fire ratings. When you want a door that will seal the entrance to your home and offer extra security, steel doors are the way to go.

Why Choose a Steel Door

Getting a steel door in Northern Ontario is a smart decision because steel doors are long lasting and require little to no maintenance. They come ready to install in just about any colour, and you won’t need to repaint them as they maintain their integrity over time. With a proper fitting frame steel doors seal tightly, which will prevent outside air from getting into your home. This means your energy bills won’t increase from having a drafty door on your home.

Steel doors can also add a decorative touch to the front of your home with beautiful glass, sidelites and different paint colours available. If you’re looking for a front door that will secure your home for years to come, contact Ecolife Home Improvement about our steel doors in Northern Ontario.

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